Compliance Reporting Form

Compliance Reporting Form (click to acces)

CNCIR is a member of TIC Council and the TIC Council Principles are integrated in our organizational culture, through the CNCIR Compliance Programme.
CNCIR encourages all interested parties to actively participate in maintaining a culture of ethics and integrity and to report any suspicions of violations of the TIC Council Compliance Principles.
The Compliance Reporting Form was implemented as a requirement of TIC Council, as a means of communication on compliance related issues through which interested parties can highlight and report misconduct based on the TIC Council Principles.
The Compliance Reporting Form allows interested parties to report violations, offer feedback and ask for assistance on compliance related aspects. All queries will be promptly answered by the Compliance Officer and resolved with urgency and discretion.
A report can be made without disclosing identifying information of the author. If reports are not made anonymously, CNCIR will protect the identity of the author if requested.
All reports will be properly investigated and appropriate action will be taken whenever a violation is found.

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